Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Teaching History with Technology Website

This looks like an interesting site! The Teaching History with Technology website offers a wealth of information for those interested in using technology to engage students.

Monday, September 18, 2006

Mind, Brain and Emerging Technologies: Andrea Gaggio's Positive Technology Blog

Andrea Gaggio has an intensive background in technology and psychology. His blog, "Positive Technology Journal" has a wealth of information and links, updated regularly.

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Videos posted to YouTube by bored math students.

I collected an assortment of short videos and videoclips that were posted on YouTube by bored students in math classes to use as a reference for future workshop. (I recently took the videos down.)

If you are a math teacher, a math curriculum specialist, a trainer of future mathematics teachers, or someone who is working towards school reform and supporting innovative ways to engage more young people in mathematics and related subjects (STEM), you can go to the YouTube website and do a search. Keywords that will find the videos are as follows:

bored in class
bored in math class
boring math (geometry, algebra, etc.)
hate math
math teacher
math students
math project
sleeping in math class
singing, dancing, cheerleading etc. + math class

Most of what you will find on YouTube was shot by students without their teacher's knowledge, so please don't make any conclusions about the math teachers you might notice in the background.

Math teachers need our support and encouragement! As you can see, many must teach large numbers of students. They work without any assistants or volunteers. They are not often provided with up-to-date textbooks, computers, and related technology to provide their students with the math and math-related technology skills needed for the future.

Note: If you are interested in engaged learning activities for Algebra, take a look at the demo and trailer of Dimenxian, a 3-D computer game that was recently released by Tabula Digita. Other applications might help engage secondary students in math include the on-line game Wayang Outpost, and Carnegie Learning's Cognitive Tutor.

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Homework Helper Links

Here are two resources for homework help on-line:

American Online Homework Helper: