Monday, October 27, 2008

Children with Down Syndrome: Research about early literacy intervention approaches from the University of Denver

Via Science Daily Science News:

"Researchers at the University of Denver (DU) Morgridge College of Education are conducting a new study that will compare two early literacy intervention approaches to educating young children with Down syndrome."

"There has been little to no research on how our children with Down syndrome learn, especially regarding reading and language," says Michelle Sie Whitten, executive director of the Anna and John J. Sie Foundation and Advisory Committee Chair of The Rocky Mountain Down Syndrome Educational Fund. "There have been significant breakthroughs in terms of how children with other developmental disabilities learn, and I strongly believe that our kids deserve the same attention."

Sunday, October 26, 2008

XO Laptop Now Runs Windows - Via CNET News

One Laptop Per Child, also known as the XO laptop, came in one flavor, Linux. Now it is available in Windows, according to a CNET article in Ina Fried's Beyond Binary column:

The XO Laptop gets a Window Makeover

"Microsoft has managed to slim down the OS enough to boot up off a 2GB flash memory card and has written drivers for a number of the XO laptop's unique features, such as its scratch pad, game controller, and built-in camera."
-From CNET

CNET Video:

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

A new kind of SmartBoard: Multi-User Multi-Touch SMART Table for Education

I heard a rumor a few months ago that this was coming...and it was true!

The SMART Table "Touch, Learn, Together"

"The SMART Table interactive learning center lets students get hands-on with collaborative activities – and the more hands the merrier. The SMART Table is a versatile learning center where groups of students can create, explore and discover together on the durable screen. The interface is so intuitive that even the youngest child can play games and plunge into learning activities in no time. You can choose from a wide variety of ready-to-go lesson activities, or customize them to suit your own lessons."


If you are interested in developing for the SMART Table, visit the SMART Table Developer site.

Monday, October 13, 2008

Who is Behind in No Child Left Behind? New York Times Interactive Maps- "Falling Behind Schedule"

Falling Behind Schedule
NYT's Interactive Map "Falling Behind Schedule"
Data Sources: State Departments of Education; Center on Education Policy; Federal Department of Education

Interactive map compliments Under "No Child" Law, Even Solid Schools Falter, written by New York Time's author, Sam Dillon (10/12/08)

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Children, Teens, Families, and the Economic Crisis

It is clear that the current economic crisis has had an enormous impact on adults. It is impossible to shield children and teens from the news around them, or shield them from the fears their parents may be experiencing about the economy.

Here are a few links and resources I've collected about this topic:

10/5/08 Washington Post
Anxious Children
A Fiscal Lesson for the Ages: For Some, the Economic Turmoil is a Grim Reminder of Past Crises. For Others, it Marks a New Fear
By Brigid Schulte

  • "A survey of 500 U.S. teenagers released Friday found that almost 70 percent feared an "immediate negative impact" on the security of their families. "That's a gigantic figure," said Michael Cohen, a research psychologist who runs the opinion research firm that conducted the poll. "There's anxiety about this. And the anxiety is not just for the society at large, but for me and my family. I was quite taken aback by the scope of that fear. ""
Talking to Your Kids About the Financial Crisis
By Janet Bodnar

9/24/08 Wall Street Journal
When Tough Times Weigh on the Kids

Parent's Financial Problems Are Reflected in School Performance

by Sue Shellenbarger

10/8/08 U.S. News & World Report
Economic Crisis Takes Toll on Emotional Health: Experts seeing more cases of sleeplessness, anxiety, but they offer tips for coping
by Amanda Gardner

Duke Prof writes children's play about economic crisis
Script: Play explains the economy

The New York Times Online features a
video clip that gives an overview of how the current economic crisis is impacting teens attending a private high school in NYC. The clip includes interviews of students and an economics teacher.