Saturday, March 24, 2012

Digital Media and Learning 2012: Video presentation and video of John Seely Brown's keynote

This is a video of students from Morningside, Crenshaw, Rosevelt, Locke, and Manual Arts high schools in L.A. who presented a session on Education for a Digital Democracy at the recent Digital Media and Learning Conference

What I especially like about this presentation is the way the students highlighted the current state of technology in their urban schools, and what they have to say about their schools' policies regarding the use of personal technologies during the school day.

Thanks to the School Library Journal and Scott McCloud for sharing this!

If you are interested in digital media/new media/multimedia and learning, take the time to view John Seely Brown's DML 2012 Keynote:
Cultivating the Entrepreneurial Learner in the 21st Century

Douglas Thomas and John Seely Brown 

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Sunday, March 11, 2012

Workshop on Digital Ecosystems for Collaborative Learning: Embedding Personal and Collaborative Devices to Support Classrooms of the Future

Workshop on Digital Ecosystems for Collaborative Learning:  Embedding Personal and 
Collaborative Devices to Support Classrooms of the Future

This workshop will be held in conjunction with ICLS 2012  (International Conference of the Learning Sciences) on July 2, 2012, in Sydney, Australia. The guest speaker in the introductory panel is Chia Shen, the SEAS Senior Research Fellow and Director for the SDR (Scientists' Discovery Room) Lab at Harvard University.

Call For Papers
Applications for the workshop must be submitted by May 1, 2012, and must include a paper of up to 4 pages, along with an optional video.

Topics of Interest (from the workshop website) 
Connection between technologies and co-located collaborative learning 
Usage of technology in the classroom 
Ubiquitous and mobile learning environments 
Multi-touch tables and surfaces, interactive whiteboards 
Motion sensitive interfaces, physical and tangible computing 
Multi-display, single-display groupware 
Educational uses of smart phones and tablets 
Classroom orchestration and monitoring 
Improving teacher support Integrating technology and pedagogical theory
Best practices for adaptation of technology to educational context

Numby App: Kids have fun while learning to count to 10, via CAN

Watch the video!

I've been meaning to post reviews about my favorite apps for kids, but there are so many that I love and use at work and when I'm with my little grandson, I haven't figured out where to begin!

I came across information about the Numby app on the Creative Application Network website, one of my favorite places to learn about creative, innovative applications and technologies. The app was created by Amit Pitaru and James Paterson.

Creative Applications Network
Numbo Review:  Numby by Pitaru and Paterson, Learning counting in weird and wonky ways.
Filip, CAN, 7/3/12

Rhonda, the 3D Drawing Tool, created by Pitaru and Paterson (set to an old Neil Young song)
Sonic Wire Sculptor: 3D musical sequencer (Zach Gage, Amit Pitaru, and team)
"Sonic Wire Sculptor was reworked for the iPhone with ofxIphone and openframeworks open source libraries. See more at