Sunday, February 15, 2009

Gesturetek Health: "Interactive Technology & Virtual Reality Systems for Therapy & Rehabilitation" and RecreationVirtual Rehabilitation

Sensory WallFXImmersive Therapy SuiteMulti-Sensory WallSensory GroundFXMulti-Sensory Wall
(Pictures from the GestureTek website.)

Gesturetek's Health division has created a variety of interactive applications designed "... for the disability, hospital, mental health and education sectors. Our touch-free, motion-activated solutions for virtual reality physical therapy, multisensory stimulation and immersive play let patients (regardless of age, ability or condition) have fun in a hygienic environment and experience marked improvement in their physical and cognitive abilities.

Here are a few highlights:

Overview of some demos from GestureTek:

GestureTek Health and FlagHouse Announce Partnership to Bring Sensory Solutions to the Physically and Cognitively Challenged

GestureTek Videoclips

GestureTek Company Fact Sheet (pdf)

Note: Dean LaCoe, of GestureTek, will be presenting at the Interactive Displays 2009 Conference in April.

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