Saturday, August 29, 2009

Samsung Braille TouchPhone Prototype is Cool: Uses Electric Active Plastic for Functional Tactile Feedback

Here are some interesting things I've come across that hold potential for children, teens, and adults with visual impairments:

From the Tuvie blog:
Braille Concept Phone for Visually Challenged People

"Braille phone is a universal cellular phone concept that is able to produce Braille code in a particular part of it by using Electric Active Plastic to make it usable for visually handicapped people. The phone has been designed in a simple and easy to use manner and looks like a television remote control. The Braille area provides all the information that a traditional screen of a cell phone displays so that visually impaired people can read them by touching it. It provides letter blocks in two by three dot matrixes and by using this principle on buttons, visually challenged people can easily create or read text messages. This braille phone just won Red Dot Awards 2009."

Information from the Samsung website:

SAMSUNG's Braile Mobile Phone Wins Gold Award at the IDEA 2006 Awards (7/2006)

Earlier version:



Cellphones for Blind People

Touch Sight: Camera for the blind may open a lot of eyes

IEEE Spectrum Electric Flex

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