Thursday, December 10, 2009

Watch students play with physics on the SMARTboard using Algodoo running on an Intel Classmate PC with a built-in accelerometer

Teachers are always looking for engaging learning activities that compliment the lessons that they teach.  Algodoo was developed by Algorx Simulation, and is a spin-off of a graduate project of Emil Ernerfeldt when he was a student at originally Umea University. Algodoo provides a means for teachers and students to explore physics concepts in a fun and meaningful way.  (The original version of Algodoo was called Phun.)

Algodoo it is great for use on an interactive whiteboard.  Watch the delight in the faces of the children as they interact with Algodoo's activities!

From Enerfeldt's YouTube site:

"In this video we use Algodoo in a small classroom setting with an interactive drawing board (SMART board), and a variety of computers. The tablet netbook is an Intel classmate PC with a built in accelerometer"

Screen shots of user contributions:
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My hunch is that the children will have a deeper understanding of physics concepts when they have the opportunity to experiment with real materials AND interactive simulations such as Algodoo.


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Algodoo/Phun Theme Music Track (mp.3)   The music is relaxing!

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