Friday, January 29, 2010

Temporary Change for the TechPsych blog: Most new posts will be found on the Interactive Multimedia Technology blog

For the next several months I will be involved in an after-school-hours project creating a multi-touch application for the SMART Table, along with some of my colleagues. I won't have time to keep up this blog until the project is completed.  For this reason, I'll continue blogging, but focus on the  Interactive Multimedia Technology blog, where I will include some posts that document the progress of the SMART Table application process.  

All posts on the Interactive Multimedia Technology that pertain to topics related to the this blog will be tagged "techpsych". Readers of this blog will be able to search the Interactive Multimedia Technology blog by keying in "techpsych" in the blog page's search box to find topics of interest.

I will periodically post important links on this blog for your convenience.

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