Saturday, February 13, 2010

Teach Paperless Blog "Seeking social solutions to the mysteries of 21st century teaching" teaching"

I posted this on the Interactive Multimedia Technology blog last week:

Here is a good blog for educators interested in using technology to transform education:
Teach Paperless "Seeking social solutions to the mysteries of 21st century teaching"(Shelly Blake-Plock, author)

I especially liked this post:
Top Eleven Things All Teachers Must Know About Technology

"The objective of TeachPaperless is to help classroom teachers merge Green Thinking and Interactive Technology into their everyday classroom experience. The result is a classroom that not only only uses zero paper, but that recognizes and utilizes the best features of the growing Internet to extend learning opportunities to students. Furthermore, we want to see students benefit from and gain experience in real-life problem solving, task determination, and creative thinking through total immersion in an authentic 21st century digital workspace."

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