Monday, November 08, 2010

Video Demo of the Write Size Writing System: A "low-tech" solution to support writing for kids with fine motor difficulties, developed by a public-school OT

On this blog, I often share information about technology that supports learning. Even in this digital age, it is good to remember that "hands-on" activities are important in the mix. We still need to use pens and pencils in our daily lives, despite all of the technology around us, and they are used every day by children in our schools.  Students who have fine-motor difficulties find learning to write quite a challenge.  

The Write Size Writing System was developed by Cindy Bean, an occupational therapist who works in the public schools.  This system looks promising for use both at school and at home, as it provides the structure that children with fine-motor difficulties require in order to form letters.    This is important, since many children with autism spectrum disorders have fine-motor delays, and often benefit from structured methods of teaching.  Given  the increase in number of children in our schools who have autism spectrum disorders, I'm sure this product will fill a need!

The following information was taken from the Green Bean Products website:

"The "Write Size Writing System" is a systematic method for helping individuals with difficulties with fine motor control, sensory or perceptual processing, visual impairments or those with autism, to improve writing size, legibility, spacing awareness and keeping letters on the baseline. It may be beneficial to those affected by a stroke or other neurological conditions that impair fine motor control needed for writing. The "Write Size Writing System" is made of semi-rigid, black matte plastic. It comes with a clear plastic sheet for dry marker use and four different types of adapted paper inserts (Grid Box, Horizontally and Vertically lined, Horizontally lined and Graph paper)  which can be copied for actual use. If the four original sheets are lost or damaged, additional master sheets can be downloaded at this website at no cost. It was designed by an occupational therapist with many years of experience, currently working in the public school system."

Write Size Frequently Asked Questions

Comment:  Before I learned about this writing system, I was thinking about creating a simple app for the SMART table that would allow two children to "play" with letter formation activities, structured in a similar fashion, but in a game-like format.   

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