Sunday, March 25, 2007

Virtual Field Trips and the TechSavvy Educator

I've been busy with school and work, sorry for the delay in posting to the blog.

A great resource for supporting engaged learning through technology is the TechSavvy Educator blog. You can subscribe to the blog and recieve information about updates through your e-mail.

I especially liked the post about the Kid's Travel Agency, dated 1/31/07, by "Ben", a fifth grade teacher in Michigan. He is using Google Earth and local travel agencies for this project. Google Earth is awesome when you work with on an interactive touch screen, such as a SmartBoard.

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Ben said...

Thanks for the kinds words Lynn. There isn't enough that can be said for UDL and using technology to not only engage students, but also help them develop new understandings. Far too many educators simply look for the engagement, and then go back to pencil and paper for the processing and learning, when there are many better opportunities.