Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Virtual reality field trips created by psychologists

(businessweek photo)

Over the years, school districts have cut back on field trips, limiting exposure to learning environments outside of the school door. To counter this trend, Psychologist Alicia Sanchez and Janis Cannon-Bowers were members of team at the University of Central Florida that developed virtual reality field trips to provide students with opportunities to explore environments, with the goal of supporting reading and vocabulary development.

According to an article that appeared in Science Daily, the researchers planned to make the field trips available on the web in the future. The article was written in 2005. If you know about this, please leave a comment.


If you are looking for interesting video clips about psychology and related topics, take a look at Science Daily's "Mind and Brain" web page.

The BusinessWeek website has a slide-show with related articles about innovative classroom technologies, included the Virtual Field Trip.

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