Monday, January 21, 2008

Kevin McGrew's "Recent Literature of Interest 1-16-08"

If you are a school psychologist, you probably know that Dr. Kevin McGrew is an advocate of CHC, the Carroll-Horn-Cattell theory of intelligence. Kevin is the director of IAP, the Institute for Applied Psychometrics. He is also a visiting professor in the educational psychology department at the University of Minnesota.

Kevin posts an up-to-date list of recent professional articles and related literature on his IQ Corner Blog.

Anyone interested in topics related to psychology, special education, or disabilities most likely will find the list interesting.Kevin McGrew's Concept Map of CHC and Reading
Kevin McGrew's Concept Map of CHC and Math

Kevin McGrew's Slideshow: "Beyond the CHC "Tipping Point" - Back to the Future"

Kevin McGrew's IQ Brain Clock
It will be interesting to see how RTI, UDL, and CHC will intermingle in the coming years!


Kevin McGrew said...

Thanks for the comment re: my blog. I've been a regular follower of your IMT blog for a good year. I didn't realize you had the Techpsych blog. I just made an FYI post regarding Techpsych at IQ's Corner and the IQ Brain Clock blogs...and have added you to my blogroll.


Kevin McGrew

Lynn Marentette said...



My blogs are my on-line filing cabinets, so that is why I have more than one.

Lynn Marentette