Monday, March 03, 2008

Cross Post from Interactive Multimedia: Online Multimedia Library for K-12 and Higher from LEARN N.C.

Learn N.C. has a wealth of on-line resources for educators, students, and parents. I particularly like the on-line multimedia library. Below are links to resources for the following topics, obtained through the "tag cloud" on the multimedia library site.

4-H clubs Agra American Indians American Indian towns Angkor animals archaeology architecture artAsia Bali Bangkok beaches birds boat Buddhism Cambodia carvings children Colombia colonialcostumes deities demons drawings Ecuador Emerald Buddha Temple excavations families farming fishing flowers food forests geography girls grass Green 'N' Growing Hanoi Hanuman Hinduismhistory houses illustrations India Indonesia Jaipur Jodhpur John White Khmer kings labor landformslandscapes maps markets men's work Mexico monkeys monuments mountains murals music Mysorenational parks Nepal North Carolina Occaneechi paintings palaces performance Rama RamayanaRavana religion rice rivers rural life salt marshes sandstone Sita snakes Southeast Asia technologytemples Thailand theaters tourism transportation trees turkey Ubud urban life Utah Vietnam Vietnam WarVirginia water women women's work

LEARN NC is led by a number of knowledgable staff and consultants.

The website is worth exploring for a while!

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