Tuesday, July 22, 2008

YouTube? TeacherTube? SchoolTube? An article in Converge asks if education is ready for YouTube.

A recent article in Converge, "Is education ready for YouTube", by Sara Cardine, discusses the use of YouTube in education. Some teachers and professors regularly post summaries of lectures on YouTube. Others use YouTube to find interesting video-clips that relate to what they are teaching. Other sites include TeacherTubeand SchoolTube. This is a great resource for busy teacher who are looking to find resources for visual learners.

The article goes on to quote Shelley Pasnick, of the
Center for Children and Technology:

  • "The use of media in the classroom can help students engage in an exploration-based approach to learning, where questions are encouraged over rote memorization of theories and rules. Still, the proper infrastructure has to be in place to ensure best practice.."
The article references the following YouTube channels established by organizations:

National Wildlife Foundation
National Public Radio

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