Sunday, March 08, 2009

AccessApps: Open-Source Assistive Technology from RSC

From the AccessApps Webpage:

"AccessApps is an initiative developed by the Scottish JISC Regional Support Centres in cooperation with JISC TechDis. It consists of over 50 open source and freeware assistive technology applications which can be entirely used from a USB stick on a Windows computer (here is a full list of applications on offer)."

"AccessApps will run without needing to install anything on a computer and provide a range of e-learning solutions to support writing, reading and planning as well as visual and mobility difficulties."

AccessApps has a good help page that includes "how-to" information in video format, a step-by-step guide that you can download, and a FAQ page. Categories of applications include a free installable screenreader, games, utilities, presentation tools, multimedia tools, keyboard/mouse alternatives, visual support, reading and writing support, planning and organization, productivity software, and guides.

AccessApps won an award from the Scottish Open Source Award 2008.There is more information about the various applications on the AccessApps download page.

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