Saturday, March 21, 2009

Cognitive-Behavioral Intervention for Children and Teens: The Challenge Software Program

Brad Chapin is a psychologist and director of community based services for a mental health center.

Brad developed the subscription-based online Challenge Software Program to teach children and teens how to problem-solve and moderate their thinking processes. Students who have significant mental health problems do not always have the coping strategies they need to prevent things from becoming extremely out of hand, as in the case of violent fights, school shootings, or suicide.

Links to information, including video tutorials, about Challenge Software:
What it does
How it works (This is important to view, as it describes the assessment process, the scenarios, and the games.)
Pricing and Features
Supporting Research

News and Events

The program provides a scenario approach to assessing the child or teen's problem solving skills and coping strategies, using video scenarios and an easy-to-use assessment interface.

Brad maintains a blog that complements the Challenge Software Program. Here are links to a couple of his posts:

Teaching Cognitive-Behavioral Strategies to Small Groups of Children

School Violence and Cognitive-Behavioral Intervention

Brad Chapin is a member of Classroom 2.0, the social network for those interested in Web 2.0 and collaborative technologies in education.

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Aterita said...

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