Sunday, April 26, 2009

Gaze system developed by IT University of Copenhagen provides low-cost means interacting with computers via large-screen displays.

The ITU Gaze Group at the IT University of Copenhagen has been doing some very interesting work to develop a low-cost eye-tracking system that can benefit people who have severe mobility limitations. The source code is free and open-source, which is a good thing, since commercial gaze tracking systems can run up in the thousands of dollars. The project was sponsored by COGAIN, a network of people working on interface technologies to benefit people with disabilities.

The following video shows how a web-cam based gaze system can be used along with a large interactive display:

Gazetyping on large projected displays:

ITU Gazetracker Quick Guide - provides demonstrations of how set up the gaze tracker remotely and also how to set it up using a web camera that is near the user's eye:

This shows how you can calibrate and set up the tracker system:
ITU Gaze Tracker:

I have a new student at my school who might benefit from this system!

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