Sunday, May 24, 2009

Revisiting the CITEd Website: Center for Implementing Technology in Education

The CITEd Research Center has expanded a bit since my last visit. It is worth the time to browse around the site.

"CITEd's Research Center offers evidence-based, promising, and emerging practices based on the latest research. Explore how technology can be used to enhance instruction with an emphasis on students with special needs. Browse research and its implications for your classroom, school, and district."

You can now follow CITEd on Twitter.

Here is a sample of the topics and related resources from the CITEd site:

Multimedia Instruction of Social Skills

Learning with Computer Games and Simulations

Universal Design for Learning in a Digital Multimedia Environment

Using Technology to Support Diverse Learners

Technology to Support Writing

Data Systems and Data-Driven Decision Making

Technology to Assess Student Progress

Evidence-Based Practices

Types of Learners

If you have the time, you can take an on-line course, "Differentiating Instruction", through CITEd, via AIRlearning. The course is free, an you can sign-in as a guest.


"Each product in the TechMatrix has features that assist students with special needs. For example, products that read text aloud help students with visual impairments and learning disabilities."

The resources included in the TECHMATRIX are also organized by learning supports across all subject areas.

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