Saturday, September 12, 2009

Social Stories: Link to the ultimate Social Stories resource (test) site!

It is Saturday, and I know that there are hundreds of teachers online, searching for social story resources for their students who have autism spectrum disorders or other disabilities that interfere with social interaction and communication skills.   

I am putting up a link to a mega-list of social story links. If you scroll down the massive page, you will find social stories and additional links.  I have not explored the site or evaluated any of the stories.  I plan to choose some of the best that I find, and link them from this blog

Readers are welcome to post links to good social stories and social stories resources in the comment section.  This is NOT the spot for commercially-made social stories, as those can be found elsewhere.

Here is the link.  From the title, it looks like it was a "test" page, so perhaps there is a cleaned-up version elsewhere.

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