Sunday, May 09, 2010

Kids,Teens, Young Adults and Money: Words of Wisdom from the Frugal Dad blog & related resources on the web

It occurred to me that most high school students don't get much instruction about daily life tasks related to budgeting, basic financial planning, and so forth. Not many college-bound students are encouraged to take "life-skills" courses,  and for some reason, it seems that parents of high-achieving, bright students assume that financial know-how skills will somehow emerge with maturity.

It doesn't, and it is likely that if a parent has difficulty managing money, the offspring will as well!  Not to worry....

Seth Sandler, an enterprising 20-something, shared a link from the Frugal Dad website , 44 Ways to Ruin Your Financial Life by Age 30, which is a must-read for every teen, young adult, and parent.

The Frugal Dad website has a treasure trove of advice for young people - and their parents. Here is a short list of a few of his posts:

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