Wednesday, May 19, 2010

A Smartboard in Every Classroom in Gaston County Schools (NC)!

Gaston Schools get $2 million gift for technology
Amanda Memrick,  Gaston Gazette  5/19/10

"It’s goodbye chalkboard, hello SMART Board at Gaston County Schools with a campaign designed to put interactive technology in every classroom."

$2,000,000.00 was donated by Ron and Katherine Harper.

"What is a SMART board? A SMART Board is an interactive whiteboard. SMART Boards work by using a projector to display what’s on a computer onto the whiteboard, which then acts as a large touch screen. Students can write words, move objects around and have a hands-on experience with a lesson."
Smart Technologies

Note:  There is an interactive whiteboard in every classroom in one of my schools.  Many teachers find that once they start teaching with a SmartBoard or similar interactive whiteboard, they can't imagine going back to teaching without them.  They provide teachers with a way to deliver multi-modal instruction, and in turn, this seems to engage the attention of the students.

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