Tuesday, August 07, 2007

On-line switch accessible games for children on the BBC website!

If you are a parent or teacher of a disabled child, here is some good news. The BBC reconfigured many on-line educational games for use with switches, which can be found on the CBeebies website.

The games can be easily adjusted to meet the needs of the user.

Here is a list I copied from the website that has links to all of the accessible games on the BBC's website:

  • Roly Mo, Snag a Snoot (single switch)
  • Teletubbies, Let's Count (single switch)
  • Teletubbies, Peek-a-boo(single switch)
  • Tots TV, Counting Song
  • (This works automatically with single switch).
  • Boogie Beebies: What am I? (single or double switch)
  • Razzledazzle: Chit Chat Chest (single or double switch)
  • Something Special: Old Macdonald's Farm (single or double switch)
  • Something Special: Transport Snap (single switch)
  • Tikkabilla: Emotion Theatre (single or double switch)
  • Tweenies: Startastic Captain Jake: (single or double switch)
  • Tweenies: Hide and Hear, the Adventures of Debbie Duck (single or double switch)
  • Tweenies: Make Music with Max (double switch)

  • "These games have not been as heavily modified, but they work with the keyboard as well as the mouse, which means they will also work with switches:"
  • Tweenies: The Enchanted Toyshop The 'next' button works with the spacebar.
  • Autumnwatch: Tigs' Quiz. This game works with the spacebar and return key.
  • Autumnwatch: Giggleswick Game This game works with the spacebar
  • Mama Mirabelle, Photo Match Game This game works with the spacebar
  • Jackanory: Rhyme Maker This game works with the spacebar. It is also strongly audio-driven, so should be good for children who cannot see.
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