Monday, February 18, 2008

InspireData for RTI and related data-driven decision-making efforts

I've been sharing more information over the past few weeks that focuses on topics such as data-driven decision making, educational and social-behavioral progress monitoring, the use of technology to support, deliver, and monitor interventions, and the importance of quality educational data management system.

All of these topics come into play when we plan, implement, and evaluate efforts to improve learning and behavior among students in K-12 settings. In order to meet the needs of our students as well as keep up with the efforts such as RTI (Response to Intervention), school psychologists, educators, and administrators will need to brush up on their measurement, statistics, and data analysis know-how.

A low-cost solution might be available to you in your schools to get started with the basics. InspireData is an application initially intended for teaching students about data analysis, statistics, data analysis, and data representation. Originally funded by the National Science Foundation, inspiration has the basic tools for educators to get started with tracking and analyzing student data. Since it was designed to teach data literacy skills for students in grades 4 through 12, it is easy enough for them to use to track their own progress.

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