Sunday, February 10, 2008

Steps4Kids: DVD-based visual learning system for students with disabilities

"Video media focus on role modeling; the use of real people, places" -from an article in the North County Times.

A link to this article was posted in a recent brief from the Council for Exceptional Children. The Steps4Kids program was developed by Lucile Lynch, a mother of a child with multiple disabilities, and Harmony Piper, an occupational therapist.

Information from the Steps4Kids website:

"Our goal is to provide persons responsible for teaching children with positive, effective support tools so that children can be successful in handling their academic, social, behavioral and physical tasks."

"Examples of products and programs developed by Steps4Kids include the award winning handwriting DVD Steps4Kids to Write Their ABCs, the Gift of Friendship program (inclusion program), customized Steps4Kids learning DVDs (to help children with spelling, reading and other academic and behavior skills) and other programs designed to strengthen children's skills and self confidence."

If you've used Steps4Kids products with students or your own child, please leave a comment!


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