Monday, May 26, 2008

Visual Learners: Phoenix Mars Mission Resources

In August 2007, the Phoenix Mars Mission was launched, led by Peter Smith, a scientist at the University of Arizona's Lunar and Planetory Laboratory. With the effort of a large team of people, on Mary 25th, the mission was successfully landed in the north polar region of Mars, with the purpose of studying the potential for habiting Mars and also to gain an understanding of the history of water on the planet.

The gallery of the Phoenix Mars Mission is where you can view and download the latest images from Mars. The Phoenix Mars Mission website contains a wealth of resources that would appeal to anyone curious about Mars and the current mission. It will especially appeal to people who are visual learners.

If you are an educator with access to an interactive whiteboard and can integrate a visit to Mars into your lesson plans during the last days of the school year, a trip to the Phoenix Mars Mission website is a must! The website is well designed and user-friendly.

Renderings of the Phoenix Mars Lander

Here are few places to start:

Phoenix Mars Mission News
Web Exhibit -Mars: The Search for Water, the Search for Life
Flash Video Stream (the video has relaxing ambient music, by the way)
Videos and Animations
Just for Kids - this site was designed with content by kids to share with others.

From Mars to Earth: An Interactive Timeline

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