Wednesday, June 18, 2008

More Multi-touch: Link to Scientific American article.

Scientific American, June, 2008 Hands On Computing: How Multi-touch Screens Could Change The Way We Interact With Computers and Each Other "The iPhone and even wilder interfaces could improve collaboration without a mouse or keyboard. "

"It is easy to imagine how photographers, graphic designers or architects—professionals who must manipulate lots of visual material and who often work in teams—would welcome this multi-touch computing. Yet the technology is already being applied in more far-flung situations in which anyone without any training can reach out during a brainstorming session and move or mark up objects and plans." -Stuart Brown

In K-12 settings, this technology would be great for cooperative group learning, technology-supported project-based instructional activities, and group social skills training.


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Blogger Toni Miller said...

I would love to hear what you have developed. My main focus at this point was to take the existing technology and implement systems that would provide a combination of measurable, academic, social, functional progress at or close to their peer level in a safe environment where they have control over the social process and communication process.

This system as a by product also instills life skills with good possibilities of future employment or income streams.

For many on the spectrum at the adolescent stage; it could mark the beginning of finding their "cool factor"; "oyster" - that is the goal.

I love the direction and information your blog has taken. Maybe I can help you with information from my side of the fence. I am ever hopeful that those professionals in this district will see the enormous benefits to this "under" supported group of children.

June 19, 2008 9:29 PM

Lynn Marentette said...


I am working quite a bit with video now, and exploring ways that teens with autism can develop a sense of self, sort of an anchor within themselves. I just posted more information about this...