Sunday, April 18, 2010

CyberSmart! Free Cyberbullying Awareness Curriculum, partnership with the National Association of School Psychologists

CyberSmart! Cyberbullying Awareness Curriculum

"NASP is pleased to partner with CyberSmart! to bring to educators and parents theCyberSmart! Cyberbullying Awareness Curriculum, a positive and empowering suite of K-12 lessons provided free to schools. These materials can facilitate prevention of cyberbullying at the classroom level, and help provide outreach to families and the community."
"In developing these lessons, CyberSmart! adopted an integrated approach, examining all current research findings and using best practices from the fields of cyber security, school violence prevention, and character education to affect behavioral change. The new curriculum is designed to guide students to think and act creatively and critically, defining the problems and issues themselves, and thus “owning” them. Without this ownership, no behavioral change can occur."

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