Friday, April 09, 2010

Cool iPad App for Speech and Language Therapy! (Video demo via Eric Sailer and Jason Rinn)

Eric Sailers, a speech and language pathologist and assistive technology specialist, has developed ArtikPix, an articularion applicaton for the iPad, along with Jason Rinn.

The application is free, and there are options to purchase additional levels for use. Here is the video demo:

Eric Sailer's Blog:
Speech and Language Pathology Sharing

Jason Rinn's Website:
RinnApps: Mobile Apps for Educators and Parents

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Anonymous said...

I'm excited about these types of apps for the ipad. I am an SLP who provides services in the home so computer/ipad based therapy is really going to help so I don't have to carry around a large bag everyday. Thanks Eric and Jason for your work on this, I plan on purchasing more functions on this artic app you created.