Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Technology, Psychology, and Education Blog

The TechPsych blog is primarily for school psychologists, educational technologists, school counselors, special education teachers, transition/school to work coordinators,curriculum specialists, and others who are interested in discussing how technology can be more effectively used in schools and other environments.

A primary focus of this blog will be sharing "how-to", "what works" and "lessons learned" in several overlapping areas- the topics below are only suggestions:

  • The use of technology to facilitate and promote school-wide intervention and prevention planning (academic, behavior, social skills) for all students, using a collaborative, multidisciplinary approach.
  • The use of technology to facilitate needs assessment, individual and larger group progress monitoring, data analysis, to ensure "data-driven" decision-making processes.
  • The use of technology for group interventions, including counseling, study skills, social skills and support/coping skills groups.
  • The use of technology for collaboration and communication among colleagues, more specifically school-based problem solving teams, intervention/assistance teams, curriculum teams, etc.
  • The use of technology to promote family/school communication, family involvement, parent education, distance learning opportunities, etc.
  • Research-into-practice: This is an important component!
If you are working at a university, or if you are a graduate student, and you are doing some research in the schools that involves technology and something related to intervention, prevention, etc., this is the place to share your experiences.

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