Sunday, July 29, 2007

Interactive whiteboards increase student attention, engagement, participation, and test scores!

More about interactive displays....

According to a press release from Smart Technologies, a study conducted in the UK and Europe during the years 2002-2006 found positive results regarding the use of interactive whiteboards in the classroom:

"The following outcomes were among its key findings: interactive whiteboard use results in improved student performance in national tests in English, math and science, compared to student performance without interactive whiteboards; digital content on interactive whiteboards is engaging, motivating, and students pay more attention during lessons; and interactive whiteboard use encourages greater student participation in the classroom."

There are several types of interactive large-screen displays available for use in educational settings, and there are several companies working on large touch-screen displays that could be adapted for use in schools, media centers, and public libraries.

(I prefer large-screen displays/interactive boards that do not rely on an external projector)


Link to PDF of full report: "The ICT Impact Report: A Review of Studies of ICT Impact on Schools in Europe" (Anja Balanskat, Roger Blamire, Stella Kefala, European Schoolnet.)
Resource and Research List, "Interactive Whiteboards", from the National Clearinghouse for Educational Facilities (NCEF)
Education World article "Speaking of Electronic Whiteboards?"

Large Display Research Overview from Microsoft Research (PDF)

The following is a partial list of companies that make or sell interactive displays and/or whiteboards:


For Teachers:

Lessons and Links for Interactive Whiteboard Classroom Activities

Online interactive whiteboard activities for primary classrooms (from Topmarks Education, UK)

SmartTechnologies lesson activities for the SmartBoard

National Gallery of Art Kids

PBS Kids

National Geographic Kids


Discovery Kids

Music Tech Teacher (Includes online games and music learning activities)

Flash Music Games

(some games cam be downloaded)

I'll be posting more links on the Interactive Multimedia Technology website soon.


Taylor Strong said...

Great Blog! I am happy that you are making information about interactive whiteboards available to so many people and I appreciate your dedication to education!

I noticed your list of companies that make interactive whiteboards and I wanted to make sure you were aware of Intewrite Learning.

Interwrite Learning is the premier provider of interactive learning solutions for primary, secondary and higher education markets.

Interactive solutions, including the Interwrite Board, Pad and Panel all come with Interwrite Workspace, a next generation educational software application for creating, teaching and assessing student performance using digital content.

Interwrite assessment solutions include Interwrite Cricket and PRS clickers, members of a powerful student response system that combines interaction and assessment to enhance classroom productivity and improve student results. Interwrite Learning has a rich 32-year history of delivering interactive solutions that are changing how the world learns. To learn more about Interwrite Learning’s Interactive Classroom solutions, please visit

Have an interactive day!

Paul Taylor said...

Great blog!I install these smartboards and feedback tells me that they really do help improve education. It obviously has many benefits or so many schools wouldn't have them. My children seem to be engaged at school more than any other generation and I think its due to the interactive boards. It must be exciting actually joining in rather than copying dull notes