Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Cool Interactive Whiteboard Activities for Teaching Math: Free at Teacher LED

I recently came across the TeacherLED website and was impressed by the numerous math-related activities created for teachers to use when presenting new concepts via demonstration on an interactive whiteboard. This is an excellent way of presenting concepts that appeal to visual learners.

What I like about the resources is that they are open-ended. They were designed so they have flexibility of use, which is a good thing for teachers.There are several activities that function as games that are designed for the whole class, which is a good thing for students.

Math concepts covered on the TeacherLED site include algebra, data handling, number, shape, space, measurement, general math, and investigation. There is a link to alphabet resources, spelling activities, and maps. Many of the resources are accompanied by instruction sheets for the teacher.

The author of the website and creator of the interactive resources is Spencer Riley, a teacher in Birmingham, United Kingdom.

Thank you, Mr. Riley, for your hard work and generous spirit!

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