Monday, September 15, 2008

Interactive Whiteboards increase Math Skills - Link to Newsweek Article

A recent article in Newsweek outlines the success of interactive whiteboards in classroom. Teachers and school administrators have noted that the whiteboards increase engagement.

Apparently, one study in the UK found that the use of interactive whiteboards in math classes resulted in a significant growth in math skills among students.

From the Newsweek article:

"So far, the data on the efficacy of touchscreens in U.S. classrooms is inconclusive, but promising. Multiple recent studies suggest that the devices boost attendance rates and classroom participation. Ever since Dorchester School District 2 in Summerville, S.C., installed 1,200 interactive boards in its classrooms, disciplinary incidents are way down. "Students were bored" before the touchscreens arrived, says Superintendent Joe Pye. "Trips to the principal's office are almost nonexistent now.""

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